Robert Feinschreiber

Robert Feinschreiber is an experienced tax practitioner, an attorney and counselor in Miami, primarily involved in four tax areas:

Mr. Feinschreiber’s clients include:

Mr. Feinschreiber received the following education:

Mr. Feinschreiber wrote or edited the following books on taxation:

Mr. Feinschreiber has written more than 100 current articles on taxation. He has been quoted as an authority by Tax Court, Business Week, and Forbes. Mr. Feinschreiber has been a consultant to several foreign governments and was a CPA in Florida.

Mr. Feinschreiber is the editor of CCH’s Corporate Business Taxation Monthly. He was the founding editor of the International Tax Journal, and has been the editor of Export Tax Report and the United States editor of Tax Haven and Shelter Report. He was formerly the U.S. correspondent for Tax News Service, published by the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation.

He has taught accounting at Yale and law at Wayne State University Law School. He was director of the International Tax Institute. Mr. Feinschreiber has lectured at various tax conferences on such topics as foreign sales corporations, DISC, intercompany pricing, Subpart F, foreign tax credit, the research credit, and depreciation. He has lectured for the American Management Association, International Business Seminars, the International Tax Institute, the World Trade Institute, where he was the Senior International Tax Advisor, CITE, and other organizations.

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