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Export Handbook: Accounting, Finance, and Tax Guide
Robert Feinschreiber (Editor)
ISBN 0-471-13323-X
Hardcover, January 1997
314 pages

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Table of Contents

Description With the passage of GATT and NAFTA, trade barriers worldwide have been reduced or eliminated. This book provides legal, accounting, and tax strategies for those entering or already participating in the lucrative area of exports.

Table of Contents

Practicalities of Operating a Foreign Sales Corporation
Robert G. Rinninsland
Kenneth C. Boyle

Election Requirements for Foreign Sales Corporations
and Domestic International Sales Corporations
Glenn S. Miller

Foreign Trading Gross Receipts
Stanley G. Sherwood

Robert C. DeGaudenzi

Export Property 85
Michael N. Schwartz

Roland Ryan Davis

FSC and DISC Benefits for Services
Lisa T Fair

Mark C. Thompson

Foreign Economic Process Requirements
Jeffrey A. Levenstam

Rafeal E. Brown

Foreign Sales Corporation's Foreign Management Requirements
Edward Tanenbaum

Pricing and Grouping Strategies
Robert Feinschreiber

Foreign Sales Corporations and Their Service Providers
Robert Feinschreiber

Tax Compliance
Rafeal E. Brown

Jeffrey A. Levenstam

Litigating FSC and DISC Cases
Robert J. Cunningham

Customs Aspects of Exporting
Charles L. Crowley

James Geraghty

Antitrust and Tax Considerations
Robert Feinschreiber

Exporting and Antidumping Practice
Richard D. Boltuck

Seth T Kaplan
Stephanie M. Wilshusen

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