Import Handbook: A Compliance and Planning Guide

Robert Feinschreiber (Editor), Charles L. Crowley (Editor)
ISBN 0-471-17742-3
Hardcover, October 1997
377 pages
October 1997

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With the passage of GATT and NAFTA, there has been a corresponding increase in imports and therefore an increase in the balance of trade. This book provides sound advice and strategies on importing and discusses accounting, financial, and legal implications.


Table of Contents

Overview of Customs Procedures and Considerations
Matthew G.Shaw
Richard P. Wuiwick

Customs Appraisement
James A. Geraghty

Fines, Penalties, and Forfeitures
Susan Kohn Ross

U.S. Customs Audits
Andrew L. Siciliano
Douglas P Zuvich

The First Sale Rule
M. Barry Levy

Tariff Classification of Goods and Services
Sidney N. Weiss

Michael P Maxwell

Foreign Trade Zones in the United States
Joseph F Donohue Jr.

Duty Drawback and Exportation of Imported Goods
Ronald C. Glowzinski

U.S. Customs Bonded Warehouses and Temporary Importation Bonds
Jill D. Murray

Import Quotas
Peter W. Klestadt

DavidM. Murphy

Import and Export Documentation and Recordkeeping Compliance
Frank Chioccola
Harry L.Isacoff
Richard P. Wuiwick

Unfair Trade Remedies
Joseph S. Kaplan

Dumping and Transfer Pricing
Edward L. Farrell, Jr.
Seth T Kaplan
Bent J. Lapson
Kenneth C. Stanhagen

Country of Origin Marking Requirements
Peter W Klestadt
David M. Murphy

U.S. Customs Rulings, Litigation, and Appeals
Patrick D. Gill

Importing Merchandise-The Tax Issues
Robert Feinschreiber
Steven C. Wrappe

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