International Activities


Argentina attorneys prepared an analysis of the Argentina’s transfer pricing statute

Australia attorneys are lecturing in Sydney on Transfer Pricing issues


Developed tax incentive programs at the request of the Brazilian government and the United Nations

Canada attorneys represent Canadian-based companies; Structured U.S.-Canadian capital cost allowance arrangements

Chile attorneys prepared an analysis of the Chile’s transfer pricing statute

China attorneys are lecturing in Shanghai on transfer pricing issues

Colombia attorneys have lectured in Bogotá on transfer pricing issues and prepared an article concerning Colombia’s transfer pricing rules

Costa Rica attorneys prepared an analysis of Costa Rica’s transfer pricing provisions

Dominican Republic attorneys examined transfer pricing issues impacting infrastructure improvements

Ecuador attorneys prepared an analysis of Ecuador’s transfer pricing provisions

France attorneys represented overseas licensing of French intangibles.


Global Transfer Pricing - 25 & 26 June 2009 - Frankfurt

Hong Kong attorneys prepared an analysis of Hong Kong’s transfer pricing provisions

India attorneys lectured in New Delhi and in Mumbai on transfer pricing issues

Indonesia attorneys lectured in Jakarta on transfer pricing issues


See Japan conference; attorneys represented a Japanese manufacturer on the first transfer pricing documentation case

South Korea attorneys lectured in Seoul on transfer pricing issues

Malaysia attorneys lectured in Kuala Lumpur on transfer pricing issues

Mexico attorneys lectured in Mexico City on transfer pricing issues



Developed projects in Russia at the request of the United Nations

Singapore attorneys lectures in Singapore on transfer pricing issues


Sri Lanka attorneys prepared an analysis of Sri Lanka’s transfer pricing provisions


Switzerland attorneys lectured in Switzerland on transfer pricing issues


Taiwan attorneys prepared an analysis of Taiwan’s transfer pricing provisions


Thailand attorneys prepared an analysis of Thailand’s transfer pricing provisions

United Kingdom attorneys represent UK companies in various industry sectors


United States attorneys represent US companies in various industry sectors; Lectured before US transfer pricing economists

Venezuela attorneys prepared an analysis of Venezuela’s transfer pricing provisions

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