Transfer Pricing Handbook, Third Edition, 2 Volume Set (Supplement)

by Robert Feinschreiber
ISBN 0-471-41924-9
Paperback, April 2002
216 pages

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This handbook provides a comprehensive analysis of the transfer pricing issues that affect taxpayers and tax collectors alike. It has a practical focus advising taxpayers about transfer pricing techniques and their consequences.

* Provides non-tax transfer pricing guidance on such issues as imported merchandise, customs-related issues, and customs appraisement
* Describes IRS penalties in detail
* Describes various transfer pricing methodologies
This core volume (ISBN 0471-406619) is supplemented.

The 2002 Supplement includes updates to both Transfer Pricing 3e and Transfer Pricing International. It contains:

* Two new chapters on Cost-Sharing Buy-Ins and Technology, Licensing, and Economic Issues in Transfer Pricing
* Complete revisions to chapters on New Zealand, Singapore, Belgium, Czech Republic, Russia, and South Africa. (with updates to Germany chapter)
* New Appendix containing information regarding Practice Note 7
This supplement updates the core volumes, Feinschreiber/Transfer Pricing Handbook, Third Edition (ISBN 0471-406619) and Transfer Pricing International: A Country by Country Guide (ISBN 0471-385239).

Supplement Contents



Transfer Pricing Introduction

  • Cost-Sharing Buy-Ins (New)
    Brian C. Becker

  • Technology, Licensing, and Economic Issues in Transfer Pricing (New)
    Joel B. Rosenberg and Barbara N. McLennan

  • Limits of "Control" in Transfer Pricing
    Ken Brewer


Transfer Pricing in Asia and Australasia

  • Transfer Pricing in New Zealand (Revised)
    Andra Glyn-Jones

  • Transfer Pricing in Singapore (Revised)
    Usa C. Lim, Steven Timms, and Boey Yoke Ping

  • Transfer Pricing in Europe and Africa
    Transfer Pricing in Belgium (Revised)
    Katherine A. Kimball, Kurt Van der Voorde, and Tine Slaedts

  • Transfer Pricing in the Czech Republic (Revised)
    Marek Romancov

  • Transfer Pricing in Germany
    Heinz-Klaus Kroppen, Axel Eigelshovrn, and Achim Roeder

  • Transfer Pricing in Russia (Revised)
    Peter Arnett and Mikhail Kiselev

  • Transfer Pricing in South Africa (Revised)
    John Stanley

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